4,067% Growth Expected as Washington Legalizes Medical Marijuana

As medical marijuana begins legalizing in all 50 states, an expected 4,067% industry boom will transform the average American’s savings into early retirement nest eggs.

During his 2016 campaign President Trump commented about medical marijuana: “I’m in favor of it 100%.”

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who once stated he was “unalterably opposed” to legalization, now admits: “My thinking on cannabis has evolved.”

Today, he sits on the advisory board of a major marijuana company.

And United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions, once completely against legislation favoring marijuana, now says: “There may well be some benefits from medical marijuana.”

It appears it’s not a matter of if medical marijuana will become legal in all 50 states, but when.

It’s not surprising when you consider a recent poll shows 93% of Americans are now in favor of legalization.

And early investors could see their starting stakes turn into retirement fortunes, as the industry is expected to surge 4,067%.

Folks have already made as much as 1,389%, 500% and ten times their money from marijuana.

And if those gains were simply triggered by state laws, imagine the profits when it becomes legal for the entire country.

Using a strategy developed over 20 years in the commodities sector – resource investing expert – Matt Badiali has uncovered the best way to profit before Washington grants full legalization. It’s the perfect way to ride the coming 4,067% market surge.

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  • Intersting article about the under $2 pot stocks. I once owned several hundred shares of Supreme Cannibis but it went basically nowhere, so finally sold it last year, and now see it’s still at about the same price. Over the past year I have purchased nine different pot stocks for a total buy of $10,000, and as of yesterday, March 15, we had a paper profit of $3,800, or about 38%. Our two biggest holdings are Cronos, and Aurora Cannabis. After we had a 100% profit with Cronos, I sold exactly half of our shares to totally recoup our initial investment, so now we are working with pure profit, with nothing at risk. Cronos has been a Wall Street darling but now we are starting to get sell signals, so I’m putting in stop orders for it, and will roll that money over into more Aurora Cannabis, which is finally starting to really take off.

    As to brokerage companies, we use Schwab, a really good, solid, low cost brokerage company — TD Ameritrade is another good one.

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